What is marital settlement agreement?

Pre and Post-Marital AgreementsMarital settlement agreement is the defined contract that states the terms of divorce and a relationship that would assume between two spouses in the post-divorce period. This also involves the matter of division of property, who will retain the custody of the child, division of debt, the matter of financial support, plans for the child, and such other issues.

Who needs marital settlement agreement?

Anyone who is willing to separate from their spouse and wants to settle on fair terms regarding alimony and such other issues, need to draw up a settlement agreement. This can be done right before you file for a divorce and even before and after the divorce. As long as both of you agree on those terms and are well represented by your own lawyers, you can present the agreement to the judge for making a fair settlement.
However, it is advisable to present the case as soon as you can and settle on an agreement to avoid any issues. Also, it is imperative that you check the terms of agreements well before agreeing to them and to do it effectively you should have a lawyer who will represent your case in the court.

Why should you come to Attorney Michael T. Walsh for marital settlement agreement in California?

The only way to get the marriage settlement out of your way and start a fresh is to go to Attorney Michael T. Walsh. It will not only get it out of your way but he will ensure that you are well represented and that the terms of divorce do not go against your interest.
The office of Michael T. Walsh caters to the needs of clients and understands their problems and the issues they are facing. They ensure that the legal terms present in the agreement is not unfair to your cause and passionately fights for it.

They even draw up the agreements in accordance to what you want and also review it thoroughly on your behalf and make some changes too, so that you are not proved wrong in any manner and your rights are protected. Moreover, they provide effective, professional solutions for marital settlement that would benefit your cause efficiently.

Tips about marital agreement in Orange County:

It is imperative that no matter how well you are represented, you understand the terms of the documents perfectly and review them before you agree to anything and sign them. It is important that you do it yourself and not just rely upon your lawyers to do it for you.

  1. Read the documents very carefully before signing to anything. Deliberate upon each and every point and go through it thoroughly to avoid any future problem with the settlement.
  2. Check the terms to ascertain whether they are practical and achievable or not. Like for example check to see whether the alimony amount is in accordance with your demand. Also, where there is an issue of child custody, check and review the terms carefully.
  3. Divide your property sensibly and in a civilized way. If you both cannot agree on the same terms, take down points on which you can agree upon and then let the lawyers handle it.
  4. Understand and gather knowledge about the repercussions of failing to adhere to the rules of the agreements. It is imperative that you should understand the terms so that it does not mislead you in any way.
  5. Take down whatever changes you and your spouse make in the draft and while reviewing it go through it again to ensure that there should not be any mistake that may cause conflict in future.